About ZACH

Hi friends, here’s a
little about me.

Perspective changes everything

My outlook on life wasn’t always to “see the good.” Through two defining moments in my life I learned how to experience positivity, joy and live every day to the fullest. The first was when my mom, a 4-stage cancer survivor, was given a 5% chance to live. The second was in 2014 when I hit a low spot in my life and moved to Australia with the mindset of “God, if you’re real, prove it.” I dove straight into an intensive program where we studied the Bible immensely. God used those moments to rewire my thinking. This experience led me to growth and the hope of helping others find love and understanding in pursuing God’s word.

I’ve also written several books:
  • The Bible Study
  • The New Testament Made Easy
  • The Bible Study for Kids
  • The Best Season Planner
  • Launch with God
  • See the Good
In 2022 we received recognition as the:
  • #63 Fastest growing business in America
  • #3 fastest growing business in Minnesota
  • #4 fastest growing consumer product in America
Zach's WifeZach's DogbibleZach's friendsZach's polaroid imageszach windahl
Zach's WifeZach's DogbibleZach's friendsZach's polaroid imageszach windahl

Let’s get personal

I have an amazing wife, Gisela
Gisela and I have an adorable mini Bernedoodle, Nyla
We live in Orlando, Florida
I'm very type-A and a 3 wing 2 on the enneagram
I love golf, reading, collecting art, and food experiences

I love guiding people to become more aware of how God is moving     all around us and what it means to see the good in life.

You get to decide what story is being told. My hope is to help you create certain habits, rewire your thinking and view life as the gift it’s meant to be.

Holding hands
Zach smiling

Don’t just take my word for it.

"Zach is one of the most positive, kind-hearted, spiritually confident, God-filled voices in my life. I have the honor to see often how he takes an opportunity, big or small, to make the world a better place. He has helped me to not be afraid of the future no matter what could possibly happen. He is one of the greatest people I know. I often see him in life and pray to have a spirit like his. He is blessed because he blesses others."

– Bri

"Zach has helped me get closer to God when I felt so far away from everyone else. Zach has always encouraged me to get closer to God and has given me solutions on how to do that. Getting closer to God has helped me heal from emotional pain."

– Paty

"Zach is generous, brave, adventurous, a dreamer. He makes us think and dream bigger. He's believed in us, and has encouraged us through tough seasons. I see the good in how he enjoys life, and loves people. His big smile will forever remind me to find the positive in any situation."

– D

"Zach's words are helping me get through a very difficult time in my life."

– Lynn

"Zach's personality is infectious and has helped me see the good in life, even in negative times. His optimism and enthusiasm for life has carried him far and is inspiring me daily."

– David

"Zach continuously shines a bright light in a world that wants us to feel dim. His words and actions bring encouragement of good news and peace for now and to come. He helps you remember that God and good will never cease to exist."

– Kellie